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My father has wonderful memories of the fruitcake of his childhood. He says modern fruitcake (the kind you can buy at the market around Xmas) is horrible. His mother would start making the fruitcake around this time of the year and then she would store it and feed it booze every now and then until next Xmas. It is supposed to be a very dark and rich cake not the yellow cake with candied fruit in it one sees today.

I got out my 1943 edition of The Joy of Cooking and sure enough there were several fruit cake recipes in there. I also found some online. Here is some of what I found: ,

I am giving serious thought to making a batch of these. I say batch because the recipes in Joy of Cooking make 11 or 12 pounds of cake. I am assuming this will be several cakes. I am intrigued by the challenging nature of the project but I don't actually think I will like these cakes at all. I don't like things that taste like booze and I don't like cakes with fruit and nuts in them. I am not sure my father can or should eat 12 pounds of fruitcake.

Maybe there are others out there with a secret love of fruitcake. If so please share your secret here so I know there is might be a home for my fruitcakes should I succeed in making them.

So, am I a complete fruitcake myself for even considering this? Will I be doing permanent environmental damage by creating indestructible cakes that no one will ever eat and that will never biodegrade? Do any of you have experience with making fruitcake, how about second or third hand stories?

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