Laura (morghon) wrote,

Stranger in the snow update

He came by and got his car a little bit ago. I went out and looked on my porch where I found a bag containing the boots and a bottle of wine. I hope he makes it home safely.

There was more car skiing down my street last night. So I know there is a thick layer of ice under all that pretty snow. Around 10 pm last night a driver trying to go up my street slid back and lightly bumped a parked pick up truck. The truck became a sled and slid right out into the middle of 3rd Ave. NW. Nobody knew who the truck belonged to so a some of the neighbors, me included managed to push it just barely back out of the intersection.

Now people are snow boarding down my street. I am trying to get Alice to go with me to the park a couple of blocks away to play in the snow. We have a cheap plastic sled we can try out there.
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