Laura (morghon) wrote,

Alice wants a robot

Alice has been bugging me to get her a robot. Yesterday she asked me to let Santa know that she needs a robot. Does anyone have a good robot recommendation? She is not asking for a specific robot as far as I know. She just says she wants a robot.

I found these on Amazon,

They all look cool to me and there were lots more too. Any one have experience with robots?
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I think the 4th one, the WowWee looks the coolest by far. I'd go with that one. The 4 legs look neat.
I like that one too but I think it is geared more toward adults than kids. I am afraid she might break it but it is the one I would most enjoy having around the house so I am still considering it.
She could break it, but it has personality without anyone programming it, so that is why I think it would be the most fun. Also, it has better user reviews and responses. It is geared for ages 8 and up though. The second one might be better if you can't help her with it.
Heh, helping her with it might be the best part of getting her a robot.
I personally like robots and I love love love my roomba.
Ooh, that last one looks neat!

I've also seen this one, which is really cool, but for even older kids:
Thanks! I am leaning toward the last one too. The one from is definitely very cool but the price tag has to rule him out. He is very cute though.
Oh, yeah, and it's really cool that she wants a robot.
Thanks, I think it's cool too. She loves space, dinosaurs and now robots. It is very fun to watch her grow.