Laura (morghon) wrote,

Pretty little Xmas tree

Alice and I found a nice little tree at Home Depot for $30, It's a noble fir about 5' tall and light enough that I could set it up myself. I've got it in the stand which was too big for it so I had to wedge legos in there to keep it upright. I've got the lights on it. Now Alice and I have to make ornaments for it. I got some unfinished decorations to paint at Joane's along with some glitter paint and other stuff likely to appeal to a small child. It should be fun.

All of my usual ornaments are in my parents attic because I assumed we would be doing this there this year, oops. They will bring them over when they come for Xmas and then we can do some more decorating.

I think I love my little tree. It is tiny compared to the one we lucked into last year but it is so much easier to move around.
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