Laura (morghon) wrote,

Xlear = Miracle Sinus Cure!

For several years now I have developed a sinus infection every fall. For most of November I had a nasty sinus infection and it was just getting worse. On Tuesday I broke down and got some Zithromax from my doctor but I really did not want to take it because whenever I take antibiotics my whole system gets overrun with yeast. Then I have to take a month of Diflucan and tons of pro-biotics to get things working right again.

Before I started the Z-pack I stopped at Super Supplements to pick up some Vitamin D and on a whim I asked the clerk if they had anything for a sinus infection. She recommended this nasal spray called Xlear (Clear but with an X). It contains xylitol, which is good for sinus infections as well as for dental problems. I decided it was worth a try before condemning myself to 6 months of third world belly.

My sinus symptoms got better within about an hour of my first use of Xlear and by the next day (Thanksgiving) I was all better. I love this stuff!
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