Laura (morghon) wrote,


I've been in a really introverted phase and haven't checked in here in a long time. I think I am back now so I just wanted to say "hi."
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I've been wondering how you are doing.
Thanks. Things have been a little rough but I am feeling more hopeful now.
Welcome back!

How did your feng shui thingy go?

Also, my work schedule is (alledgedly) going to free up substantially in mid-December -- maybe some afternoon we could do an aquarium playdate?
I think the feng shui was a good move. If nothing else, it got things stirred up in my environment.

A play date would be awesome!
Glad to see you online again. I go through introvert phases, too. "Crawling into the cave," so to speak.
That's it exactly. I am really still in the cave but I am peeking out.
Hi back!
How's it going?
Really well. Today's the one year anniversary of my first surgery. Crazy, right? I'm healthy and the kid is well, and I'm just trying to do what we all do to keep it together and thrive.