Laura (morghon) wrote,

Cats don't like Flagyl

My cat, Bubbles, is sick. She has some sort of bacterial overgrowth in her gut so I have to give her Flagyl twice a day. I have taken Flagyl myself and there is nothing in the world that tastes so foul, with the possible exception of hydrogen peroxide.

Bubbles just put up quite a fight and even though I managed to get the stuff into her it didn't end there. She is now foaming at the mouth but she is too angry with me to let me clean her up. I mentioned the foaming to the vet and his response was "Yeah, it tastes really bad." So I guess foaming is par for the course. Tonight she managed to draw blood from both my hand and my leg so I think her strength is returning. Yay, I think. Ouch.
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